Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 Crack + Serial Key Free Download

Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 Crack + Serial Key Free Download

Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 Crack is a tool that allows you to create several virtual audio playbacks or recording devices so that you can use them with any other program without any loss of audio quality. You can connect any external device to your computer, be it a stereo system or a musical instrument, and create a virtual device on your computer. Configuration options allow you to tweak over a dozen different variables to achieve the best possible sound; however, sometimes it takes a few minutes of trial and error. Virtual Audio Cable is a handy tool for anyone who wants to record audio on their computer. The program will create up to 256 virtual cables that you can connect to any applications or programs you want.

Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 Crack + Serial Key Free Download

Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 Crack + Serial Key Free Download

Virtual Audio Cable Crack is a powerful multimedia driver (a virtual audio device with input and output ports) designed to connect one or more audio applications and transfer audio streams. You can download a free virtual audio cable to transfer audio to other devices or software. With this software, you can easily transfer audio without digital cables. A virtual audio cable means a non-existent virtual cable.

With the free Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) software, you can connect Windows PC audio applications by routing audio signals between them. VAC provides a set of virtual audio devices called virtual cables. The behavior of VAC is similar to the “Stereo Mix” (“What You Hear” or “What U Hear”) function of some hardware audio adapters (cards). But it is only similar, not equivalent. If you just want a feature like “Stereo Mix” in Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10, it’s better to try to enable it in your audio adapter.

Virtual Audio Cable Serial Key

The virtual audio cable serial key is the Windows Media driver. This allows you to transfer audio from one application to another. The software creates a pair of Wave In/Out modules for each cable. Additionally, any program can send an audio stream to an output device and a stream from an input device to another application. All transmissions are carried out in digital format without loss of sound quality. Each “cable” connected to the virtual audio cable is a pair of software input and output devices. This configuration is currently independent of microphones and speakers. It does not depend on it, so you can use this application even in audio I/O systems without hardware.

Virtual Audio Cable Free Download

When sending audio from multiple applications to a virtual cable output, the virtual audio cable may mix all streams or create separate cables. For example, many applications can receive audio through an input cable, share audio for other purposes, or have a private audio stream. Virtual Audio Cable download can record audio output from any application or transmit audio to another application in near real-time processing. You can use two or more software sound generators, a sequencer, and a software synthesizer to create an audio stream and send it to the VAC output cable, and record the mixed stream from the VAC input cable using a recorder.

The control panel can also configure the audio going through the virtual cable, including stream count, audio format selection, cable number, and stream buffer monitoring. You can check the default settings and, if necessary, use Control Panel to make sure your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows.

Complete user manual

It contains many useful details for a better understanding of the product and its correct use. You don’t need to install a trial version to open and read the user manual. Simply download the ZIP archive, open it to view the contents, and double-click on the file named “vac” marked with a question mark icon (“chm” extension).

Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 Crack + Serial Key Free Download

Key Features of Virtual Audio Cable Crack:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (32-bit and 64-bit) platforms.
  • Up to 256 virtual cables allow simultaneous transmission of up to 256 independent audio signals.
  • The delay can be reduced to 0.5 milliseconds.
  • Almost all fixed-point PCM audio formats (1000..384000 samples per second, 8..32 bits per sample, 1..32 channels).
  • Conversion of PCM format (sampling rate, bits per sample, number of channels).
  • RT Audio (WaveRT) protocol support event notifications, burst mode, clock, and position registers.
  • An unlimited number of Kernel Streaming clients. You can share each virtual cable between any number of KS-compatible audio applications or ASIO shells.
  • Mix signals from all streams of each virtual cable, allowing you to mix signals from multiple applications in real-time.
  • Volume control functions (both fade and boost).
  • Channel broadcast/collect mode. Using apps that support KS, you can view certain channels in the stream.


  • Deep integration with Windows: Each “cable” connected by a virtual audio cable is a pair of software input and output devices. These settings are completely unrelated and unrelated to the actual microphone and speakers, to the point that you can even run this software on machines that don’t have hardware audio input and output devices.
  • Advanced Cable Settings: In the Control Panel, you can configure the audio that passes through the virtual cable, including employee stream count, audio format range, cable count, and power buffer.

Cons :

  • Steep learning curve: Since the software works in ways that are unusual for most applications, quality tutorials must be available the first time you run it. Unfortunately, it is not the case; You are left with the documentation, the most important part, the usage examples, hidden at the end.
  • Malware Updates: Make sure to uninstall the current version of the software if you plan to install updates. Otherwise, the virtual cable will get tangled.

What’s new?

  • Sentence watermark successfully improves thread safety
  • It also aims at decentralization and reunification
  • Digital audio capture
  • Mix multiple audio sources
  • Multi-client functionality for any audio device.
  • Real-time audio switches from one setting to another.
  • Select a combination of home port clients.
  • Categorize links by displaying their status.

Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 Serial Key



Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 License Key



Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 Registration Key



Virtual Audio Cable 4.6.7 Activation Key



Required configuration:

  • Microsoft Windows: Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • Disk space: 60 MB of free space on the hard disk
  • Processor: 800 MHz or higher
  • Processor: Pentium – compatible processor
  • Operating System: Supported by all MAC operating systems

How to install and activate Virtual Audio Cable Crack’s latest version?

  • First, remove the old version from your system.
  • Download Virtual Audio Cable Crack by clicking the download button.
  • Disconnect your internet connection for a second
  • Once installed, you can run the Crack file in the same folder
  • Wait a minute to complete
  • Finally, everything is done.
  • Now enjoy.

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