Soundop Crack + License Key Free Download

Soundop Crack + License Key Free Download

Soundop Crack is a professional audio editor for PC that lets you record, edit and master audio as well as mix tracks in an intuitive and flexible workspace with advanced features. The audio file editor supports both waveform and spectral editing. The Multitrack Editor can mix an unlimited number of audio tracks and bus tracks with a powerful engine that supports sends, side-chaining, and automatic delay compensation. Both track and clip have an FX rack and fully support automation of FX parameters. Soundop has well-designed built-in effects and supports VST and VST3 effect plugins, as well as groups of parallel or medium side effects to create composite effects.

Soundop Crack + License Key Free Download

Soundop Crack + License Key Free Download

The sound engine supports ASIO, WASAPI, MME and DirectSound drivers and records sound with 24-bit precision and up to 192 kHz. Soundop License Key supports downloading audio from all popular audio and video formats and exporting audio to major audio formats with metadata like ID3 tag, RIFF snippet, Vorbis comment, and loop ACID edited and recorded in various formats.

CD Track Editor supports burning audio to CD with customizable intervals and post-burn verification. The processors support most audio editing operations, including copying, pasting, applying effects, and other processing tools such as normalizing selected channels and time ranges. A batch processor can process audio files with processors and save them in the target format. And you can run multiple instances of batch jobs at the same time. Soundop Crack is a lightweight app that lets you record audio samples or edit samples you already have and add them to the mix you’re working on.

Comes with a robust yet intuitive workspace

Installation is quick, hassle-free, and doesn’t require much attention from you. The program comes with an outdated interface, designed in soft gray tones. However, the user interface is user-friendly and you are unlikely to encounter any problems while recording or mixing.

Upon launch, you’re faced with a welcome screen that displays the projects you’re working on. You will be happy to know that the program allows you to create and customize multiple workspaces and switch between them with a single click. This option can be useful if you like to experiment with your audio samples.

Allows you to create and edit new tracks

In addition to allowing you to customize the mixing space according to your preferences and equipment, the program allows you to create new audio files using the desired channels and sample rates. Again, you should know that sample rate options range from 16,000 to 48,000, while stereo and mono channels are available.

The new file can be saved in different formats, namely FLAC, OGG, PCM, RAW, WAV, MP1, MP2, and MP3. Additionally, you can add various rack FX such as chorus, compressor, delay, echo, reverb, extended verb, phaser, or limiter, to name a few. Moreover, you can adjust volume, stretch, tone, and remove noise using advanced features.

A handy tool for recording and mixing audio samples

Although it is not a viewer, the utility includes several features that allow you to save the audio samples you need for your next tracks. If you are not completely satisfied, you can enhance them using a wide range of editing and mixing effects.

Key Features of Soundop Crack:

  • Playback and recording with ASIO, MME, WASAPI, and DirectSound audio drivers.
  • Set channel mapping for each audio device.
  • Record audio up to 24-bit and 192kHz.
  • Record system audio with WASAPI commentary.
  • Recording from multiple input devices.
  • Perforation in the selected time range.
  • Make corrections on the fly.
  • Loop recording of multiple takes in a clip.
  • Load audio data from most audio files.
  • Record audio in major audio formats including MP2, MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC, APE, and WMA.
  • Mix an unlimited number of audio tracks and busses.
  • Send track output to multiple tracks.
  • Send the track’s output to the audio effects sidechain.
  • Change track channel mode during playback.
  • Create alternate clip sequences on clip tracks.
  • Solo and silent tracks flexibly.
  • Set pan mode for track and clip.
  • Add effects to tracks and clips.
  • Automate track and clip effects with play, write, freeze, and tap modes.
  • Freeze track and clip effects to reduce CPU usage.
  • An export mix of all tracks or selected time ranges, tracks, and clips.
  • Download audio and video from most video formats.
  • Attach and detach video files in an audio file editor and multitrack editor.
  • Video playback is synchronized with audio.
  • Edit ACID metadata to create ACID cycles.
  • Change marker positions for sample loops.
  • The crossfade loop ends.
  • Automatic search for the best sample loop position.
  • View supported metadata for a particular audio format in the Metadata panel.
  • Track peak levels with customizable measurement ranges.
  • Follow the true peak level on the volume bar.
  • Control volume according to ITU BS.1770-2.
  • Monitor the correlation between channels.
  • Analyze audio with frequency analysis, phase analysis, and amplitude statistics.
  • And much more!

Soundop Crack + License Key Free Download

WHAT’S NEW IN the Soundop License Key?

  • Filename options when exporting audio to range markers.
  • Improved compatibility with some VST plugins.
  • Improved scanning of VST plugins which will remove uninstalled effects.


  • Precisely control recording position with on-the-fly, on-the-fly, and loop recording.
  • Add unlimited audio and bus tracks.
  • Professional mixing engine with 32-bit precision.
  • Add multiple tracks send streams to bus tracks.
  • Set the track output to the audio effects side chain input.
  • Drag an audio source to add audio clips.
  • Copy, cut, paste, delete, resize audio clips and delete audio clips in the time range.
  • Loop an audio source for unlimited time in an audio clip.
  • Set fade in, fade out, and transparency of audio clips.
  • Automatically crossfade overlapping audio clips.


  • Display multiple effect panels for instant monitoring and adjustment of multiple sound effects.
  • High-quality built-in effects include EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser,
  • Delay, Echo, and more.
  • Support for VST and VST3 effect plug-ins, optimized for access to many third-party effects.
  • Apply effects with built-in effect presets and effect chains. Add custom effect presets and effect
  • chains for your favorite settings.

Soundop License Key



Soundop Serial Key



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Required configuration:

  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (memory): 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free hard disk space: 200 MB or more

How to install save and use Soundop Crack Latest version?

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