AirParrot 3.1.5 (64-bit) Crack + License Key Free Download

AirParrot 3.1.5 (64-bit) Crack + License Key Free Download

AirParrot 3.1.5 (64-bit) Crack is an easy-to-use tool that lets you connect your computer to a TV and stream content to it wirelessly. Just like with AirPlay, you can use Apple TV and watch movies, photos, listen to music, and more. It all depends on what you have on your computer that you want to share. If you’re not looking to share anything but rather work on a bigger screen, luckily for you, AirParrot is also capable of mirroring your computer screen. Additionally, you can also configure the TV to be an extended desktop.

AirParrot 3.1.5 (64-bit) Crack + License Key Free Download

AirParrot 3.1.5 (64-bit) Crack + License Key Free Download

AirParrot Crack lets you wirelessly transmit your screen or media files to a variety of media receivers. AirParrot quickly discovers available receivers on your network and uses Quick Connect® to connect directly to a device running Reflector 2™. Easily share your screen, videos, audio, presentations, and more.

An AirParrot License key is easy to imagine like an airplane and no transaction is required. Run the installer and follow the simple instructions. When you’re done, you watch your Apple TV using dedicated AirPlay. A large amount of information enters the game in a short time. The application has been prepared and now you can get it. It’s a three-step process that will take you two to three seconds, which means AirParrot License Key is a fantastic answer.

If you are a teacher, this device will be very useful for you. With this app, you can stream audio, movies, and screen mirror provided. Hide computer mouse cursor, edit tags, change the video quality and frame rates. And a link to security password protection devices. AirParrot Premium Key is an easy-to-use one-stop shop that allows you to connect your computer to a TV and easily stream content. You don’t have to worry about mirroring everything on screen for your students. I recently checked my AirSquirrels projector crack


The tool is designed to send content to multiple media receivers, even simultaneously. Stream to multiple devices like Apple TV and Chromecast, or share audio throughout your home on AirPlay-enabled speakers. Use AirParrot in combination with Reflector to create a seamless mirroring experience on any computer or device. Never worry about compatibility issues again; share from any device to any device!


Share wirelessly with everyone in the room without the need for cables and adapters. The program allows everyone to share and engage the classroom, boardroom, or beyond. Focus on what matters most and send content from any device to a receiver connected to a TV or projector. This patent-pending Quick Connect technology and Bluetooth discovery allow you to quickly discover and connect to devices, even when network configurations prevent it. Bluetooth discovery is not available on Windows.


Stream a movie or your favorite video game to a receiver and enjoy the big screen experience. The program streams media files in 5.1 surround sound, with no quality loss. Create the ultimate entertainment solution and add unlimited content and possibilities to any TV.


The brand new iOS app allows you to remotely control the tool with your iPhone or iPad. Easily control what’s sent from your computer to Apple TV or Chromecast without touching your keyboard or mouse. The app brings new features to Air Parrot like playlist support, live previews, and remote control of your computer.

Simple installation procedure

AirParrot is easy to install and requires no configuration, just run the installer and follow the simple instructions. When done, AirParrot automatically recognizes your Apple TV using its built-in AirPlay feature.

The application resides in the system tray and is accessible from there. It’s a three-click process that takes you seconds, which means AirParrot is a great solution for on-the-fly situations.

Delivers high-quality content to your Apple TV

When it comes to quality, AirParrot is capable of delivering 1080p HD streaming with the latest generation of Apple TV devices. Once you connect to a TV, you don’t need to use the same from that point on. You can choose to mirror any device recognized by the app.

Stream video and audio to your TV

Since video isn’t the most important feature when it comes to streaming, with AirParrot you also get stereo audio output. This, coupled with the fact that you can use the TV as an extension for your desktop, makes AirParrot a worthy choice when you need to run a business presentation on a bigger screen. In conclusion, AirParrot is undoubtedly a very practical and effective tool if you are looking to improve the way you use your computer.

Main Features of AirParrot Crack :

  • It’s great for macOS, just like Windows.
  • In addition, your files and information will be sent remotely.
  • This allows you to store your media files or screenshots for several different collectors.
  • By the way, a delay in thinking without parting.
  • Just any intuitive media document to start watching on your TV, and you can also control it with the remote.
  • It chronicles previously collected collectors and the latest is displayed at the top so you can
  • immediately interact with it the next time you want.
  • You can stream videos with it.

AirParrot 3.1.5 (64-bit) Crack + License Key Free Download

What’s new in the AirParrot License key?

  • This fixes all the issues you’re having when logging into macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • As complex as the task of this receiving tool is, it is usually handled adequately using the
  • appropriate IP and DNS addresses.
  • Random bug fixes forever.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.
  • Fixed some encryption issues.

Required configuration:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  • 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo
  • RAM 2 GB of RAM
  • 512 MB video card
  • Disk space 40 GB hard drive

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How to install and activate the AirParrot Crack Latest Version?

Final Verdict:

If you need to share your screen, recordings, audio, and presentations, this is the best choice in that regard. AirParrot Crack windows 64 bit is a simple and handy program that helps you stream your PC signal to your Apple TV, allowing you to watch movies or play board games on the big screen.

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